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Why I do what I do

I am a mix media artist, with a background in 3 dimensional design, who specialises in botanical ink paintings.

Over the last eleven years I have worked in the florist industry creating unique, hand-painted art work for printed enclosure cards. I am passionate about what I do and what florists create. Flowers make people happy. They bring colour and smell and joy to everyone, and I love the part I play in the special memories in people’s lives.

I love the unique role flowers and their enclosure cards have in those moments in life; love, friendship, anniversaries, birthdays, tributes. Moments where one person cares for another, and tells them with a bouquet.

Those moments are very personal, I take that personal care with every card I create knowing it will be a part of a special memory, and that the enclosure card is often what we keep.

The only reminder of that special thought or time.

When I first came into the Floristry industry I noticed there were no folding cards and we were the first company to introduce folding enclosure cards for Florists. This simple, extra care means that the cards last long after the flowers.

As an Artist working closely alongside my sister who is a Florist, I have a great understanding of the importance that image, composition, colour,word message and quality of our product has for Florists work.

I realise the words that are used on the cards are just as important as the image and I have over a decade of knowledge of what your customers like. We love to hear your comments and will often create a design directly from your comments. I have always strived to stay current and I am constantly looking at new trends.

Everyone of our vibrant cards are printed directly from original paintings created for you. I put a lot of thought into each design, especially the most significant occasions.

Because I understand the cards could be all a person has to remind them of the memory I take extra care with the quality of the actual card. The cards are printed on quality silk card so that the surface holds the colours and artwork perfectly.

We have an extensive selection of over 300 designs with words to compliment celebrations and occasions as well as cards with no text. We are usually able to dispatch U.K. orders within our courier area the next day and pride ourselves on excellent service.

Every time you complete your arrangement with one of our cards it comes with all of this thought, attention to detail, consideration and quality.

I know that my work represents your business and your work is personal to each of your customers too.

The Flower Card Company Ltd is an established U.K. business and we produce Florist& Funeral enclosure cards directly from original paintings that are designed and printed in Britain.

Thank You for being such a great customer!

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I Like Christmas

Well it's beginning to feel a bit like Christmas! I love every part of this season as I know Florists do too. I have noticed all your wonderful displays, arrangements and stock being featured on Facebook and Twitter pages. Thank you for that I just love seeing what your doing.

I always start with Christmas smells and scented candles, as I like to have the smell of Christmas as from now. I found myself in Home Scents yesterday browsing through the decorations already as I like for friends and family to walk in and have all their senses to be inspired by the richness of Christmas.

This year I - we - have decided to have a real tree as there is nothing quite like it. I will use a pallet of jewel colours and items collected over the years that mean something specila to all of us.

Once everything is in place one of the best parts is when my eldest daughter arrives back home from University as I love to see her face when she walks into 'Christmas'. She loves the stocked fridge and snuggling up on the sofa in front of a fire (sadly its electric). My younger daughter comes home from school each day only to find another adition to Christmas on most days. It could be an advent calender or some chocolate pennies left out for her but as her first love is music, she loves all the carols and old songs.

I love to have friends just popping in unannounced and offering them a warm mince pie and a festive drink. I also have a large sprig of mistletoe (just in case Harry walks under it) 

It's a really wonderful time for me because of all of this.

What do you most love about Christmas? I really want to hear about what excites you.

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New Life Celebration Range

Introducing our new Life Celebration range of Funeral Cards. A funeral should be a celebration of that person's life and the memories that they have created. I wanted to paint something more personal and uplifting so following a conversation with a Funeral Director he told me that the Dragonfly and Butterfly images symbolise 'new beginnings'. Here's my Butterfly image.

To see this and more visit our website Flower Card Company

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Best Selling Design! Tea Cups

Tea Cup Design is our best selling card and Florists use it for several occasions which makes it a versatile as an enclosure card.

Tea Cups is available in small folding cards and Large Gift Cards.

We have chosen sixteen of our best sellers and these are now available as Large Gift cards sold in packs of five of the same design with envelopes. Priced at £2.80 per five they are a great add on sale.

The Tea cup card was printed from an original painting which was hand stitched, I saw an image that also had stitching over paint and it created a real interest and complimented the English Vintage feel. Perfect for events this year.

To see this and other designs visit our website at:
Flower card company 

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New Card Designs

All our designs are printed from original paintings by Caroline

To view and order simply click on the link
Kind Regards, Caroline & Harry

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