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Guest Book
Lisa Hicks 16 Jul 2018
    The cards are uniquely special for me as a florist to pass to my clients. No other company has this factor! Thank you!
    Love your cards, you've supplied us for years... can we have a Balloon design please as we sell Balloon gifts !! also something suitable for a man ?? maybe not floral ?? Thanks
Juliet Levick 21 Apr 2018
    Thank you for supplying us with your cards
Erica Cunningham 11 Apr 2018
    Your cards are really popular with our customers. It would be supremely helpful if all designs could come in a blank option?
Stock Florist 4 Jan 2018
    Amazing designs and an absolute delight to deal with.
Paula Carroll 1 Sep 2017
    Love the cards so much, would like to see more of designs without floral image such as the cakes and candles.How about balloons? And retirement, new job would be popular in my shop. People always choose the worded ones first and only the images if no suitable phrase is available The bottle is a big hit.